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Some questions about GR-lida

Well this is my first post on the forum. Firstly I'd like to say Hi for everyone on the forum, every user of GR-lida and every visitor of this awesome site. icon_smile

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Tihamér, I'm from Romania, and I'm a Retro Gamer, sort of like. icon_razz
I play DOS games for quite a long time. When I was a kid, I knew that the PC was a great gaming platform. MS-DOS was a great operating system back in the days, and I used it quite a lot. I still remember most of the commands which is pretty weird and strange. Oh well, never mind. The development of the MS-DOS ended, Windows 95 and 98 had support for MS-DOS, but then Microsoft stripped it down with future generations of Windows. I thought I would never play those classic games again. Then I said, "That's it, I'm gonna look for a solution!". The problem solver was DOSBox, the amazing emulator that I found, and it was recommended by many many users online. It was buggy back then, but with the revisions seems like the common problems had been fixed. VDMSound it was another alternative, it didn't worked for me quite well, but oh well, it's good for some games. Then I found ScummVM, that was an awesome tool for the adventure games like Monkey Island 1. I used them for several years, then I wanted some kind of frontend that would combine these into one. I downloaded several frontends I tried every single of them that were available, but none of them were appealing to the human I. Man they were ugly, without spirit, like D-fend and DBGL. Then Googled around, looking for some abandonware stuff. BAM! another abandonware site. La Isla Del Abanonware. Awesome site, but unfortunately I don't speak in Spanish. I wished that it would be in English, but that was still good to me. I used Google Translate, to translate everything. I saw a download button for GR-lida. I wondered about what it could be. It turned out to be a fronted, that can combine everything that I mentioned before. The version was v0.8.0. The current version was not announced yet. The website landed in my Bookmaks. Then Monthy made a new post about v0.9.0 last year, (if I'm right) with a screenshot. Looked awesome. Then the waiting begins, so I kept my eye on the website. was registered, then I though that there might be something behind the scenes. The same v0.8.0 was published here as well. Now what? Another website to browse every day. But the wait ends, the new version is out, so I downloaded it immediately. changed a lot. I downloaded everything from the website, every theme, every import script. Then I saw that it has some interesting game list like at La Isla Del Abandonware with covers and information about the game. But the section looked unfinished to me. Covers were missing, I mean a lot. I wanted really to help Monthy out by contributing some stuff to the site, and help him out with the hard work. Looked into my hard drive for covers that I collected over the past years, and I found a lot of stuff, that could be good for the site. I wanted to upload my first file here on, but needs registering first. OK, I registered, and I uploaded my first few covers. I was the first member of the site, but then jmbarra78, but he seems like he just registered here, and that's it. Uploading begins... I uploaded a ton of stuff here. The 500KB thingy bugged me a lot and it slowed down the upload process, because my files were bigger that that. So I more that 3/4 of the files needed to be compressed. Opening with PhotoShop, saving the file, than uploading. Looking for the next folder, looking at the database here, to see if it's on the site, than uploading the stuff, next folder, next PhotoShop part, next upload. So it tooked me more that 3 days to sync my covers collection to the site. A lot of work here, and I think a lot of work to Monthy. Then I made I think 2 mistakes, one image didn't uploaded properly (the SimCity 2000 Special Edition front cover) and the Xenon covers was my big mistake. I uploaded the front as back and the back as front cover, so they were screwed. Then the Administrator and the Developer informed me about the problem. OK I fixed them. The English section of the forum was my idea, and it was implemented, so another thanks to Monthy for this.
Great job so far, let's hope that GR-lida will be an awesome and well know frontend, I'd like to wish good luck, and that this project will be awesome, with a great community and great fans, like me.

WOW, that story went long, I apologize for that.  icon_mrgreen And here comes my questions...
Let's start at the beginning.
Firstly, I would like to contribute more to this project. By more, I mean, that GR-lida needs more updates and more features. So I would like to make I guess one or maybe more (more I mean 2) translations. Those would be Hungarian (Magyar) and maybe later Romanian (Română). Then here comes the problem. Need some help to start this, I'm lost. I taked a look in the GR-lida folder to look for template files, but without luck. So maybe you can help out with the template files.

Secondly, I'm also interested in theme making, and I also need some help there to, I would like to ask for template files here as well, if it wouldn't be a problem for you Monthy. I don't want to rush, and hurry you, just take your time, I will wait as long as you want.

I received the personal message about the tutorials section, thanks for the reply. I will be making some as well in the near future. Covers is still my primary mission, but I will also try to contribute as much as I can.
Then the bugs... I'm collecting some bugs to report them so you can fix them, as well as with some suggestions, if you accept them... I know the knowledge is power, but unfortunately I'm not a programmer, so some of them may be stupid, but just ignore them.

This post went long, I must post it now, or it will never end  icon_lol
Sorry for my spelling mistakes, and for my English, I'm not a native speaker, but I think it's understandable, if not, then ask, and I will try to explain it again with some other words


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Re: Some questions about GR-lida

Welcome Tihamér
Limiting the size of the images is for the web space which is not much, I'll look if I can increase to 1 or 2 Mb.
To add a new language is easy, first take the following source code file "lng/gr-lida_en_EN.ts" and open it with the Qt Linguist Qt4 application in can get the application just so you do not have to download all the Qt4.6.x and manual

To create a new style you can see the structure that has the GR-lida Dark-Grey is the one most changed.
You must respect the names of files and folders, except that of widgets and images that are inside it, as this one are shown in StyleSheet.qss files and StyleSheetList.qss (you can look at them to give you an idea).
StyleSheet.qss <- par is used to modify all the program as a CSS style
StyleSheetList.qss <- Used to modify the main list
Documentation of Qt4, which can be used as

Example modifying a button within StyleSheet.qss

QToolButton {
    border-image: url(<theme>widgets/pushbutton.png) 4;
    border-width: 4;

<theme> <-- This is the full path where the style is that it would be equivalent to putting
C:\Documents and Settings\USER\GR-lida\themes\GR-lida Dark-Grey\\
or linux
/home/USER/.gr-lida/themes/GR-lida Dark-Grey/
No need to put only with <theme> is more than enough, Avoiding having to put this route porsi change of address.
widgets/pushbutton.png <-- indicates a folder that can have the name you want and an image that can replace the buttons have the name and extension you want.

For any questions, feel free to ask.
Do not worry about your English, and that mine is not good.


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Re: Some questions about GR-lida

Thanks for the information Monthy. They were really usefull. So yeah, I installed QT Linguist, opened the gr-lida_en_EN.ts file and started to work on the Hungarian translation. Man that taken a lot of time. It taken nearly 2 days to translate everything, to spell check the file, and to finalize my work. I think I did everything OK. I also changed into the translation file settings the language to Hungarian and the country to Hungary, I think this is important to. I saved the file as gr-lida_hu_HU.ts, I think this is the way how it needs to be named.

I also uploaded it to DropBox, so you can check it out and put it into your source folder and recompile the stuff.
And please if you decide to use my translation in GR-lida, please use my full name in the translation section, so the author is Szabó Tihamér.

To download gr-lida_hu_HU.ts here's the link to it:

File size is: 241.49KB
MD-5 checksum: d047b6e0333beac185f82f80f1fb831e
SHA-1 checksum: a90f220d53b76e858fb089848d4400657b457b2f


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