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GR-lida - New Emulation Types


I downloaded the most recent release of GR-lida (v0.11.0), and I was happy to see the customization options.  I added new emulation types for NES, SNES, Atari 2600, and other consoles and created launchers for each.

I was dismayed to see that GR-lida will not launch the emulator and load the ROM if it is not of type "Datos".  I think this must be a bug, so I am posting here to report it as such.

Can anyone please provide any assistance?

Thank You,


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Re: GR-lida - New Emulation Types

Hi! Chris.
Mainly GR-lida is for ScummVM and DOSBox and VDMSound as we know, but I decided to add as a little extra to be able to run other emulators very basic.

The serious answer if it's like for data, but the difference is that it uses executable box for the rom and the emulator type specified as use it as parameter.

If we select only the type as DATA and indicate an executable that would execute Another fact is that without using anything. Therefore, when añadiar emulator would use it as a route for the rom.

I think I've answered, which is not a bug.
If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask.

Greetings and thanks, sorry for my English.

How to use another emulator in GR-lida

-- Spanish --
Principalmente GR-lida es para DOSBox y ScummVM y VDMSound como sabemos, pero decidi añadir como un pequeño extra la de poder ejecutar otros emuladores de forma muy basica.

La respuesta seria si es como si fuera para datos, pero la diferencia es que usa la caja del ejecutable para la rom y la indicar como tipo el emulador la usa como parametro.

Si el tipo lo seleccionamos solo como DATO e indicamos un ejecutable en Otro dato se ejecutaria tal cual sin usar nada. Por eso, al añadiar como un emulador la usara para la ruta del la rom.

Creo que te he contestado, con lo cual no es un error.
Si tienes mas dudas no dudes en preguntar.

Como usar otro emulador en GR-lida

Saludos y gracias, perdona por mi ingles.


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Re: GR-lida - New Emulation Types

Thanks for your reply.  I have solved my issue by using the "Groups" field in the database to indicate the emulation platform.  I understand the intent behind "Datos" now.

Also, thanks for providing an excellent program which has exactly what I need for launching my old DOS games and console emulators.  Your hard work is very much appreciated! 



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